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I consider myself a person who is certainly eclectic and creative.
In the course of my work experience I had the opportunity to develop good communication skills, able to adapt and adhere efficiently to the most varied and heterogeneous contexts, but I also developed a strong ability to adapt to work situations and tasks face up to. I'm not afraid of the job, in fact, I'm always happy to see every situation as an opportunity to improve myselfand evolve my professional role.

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Where I learned what I know.

from 2011 to 2016

Commercial and advertising comunication.

For five years I studied the techniques of marketing and advertising, with a good integration of theoretical and training activities to direct practices on the work environment through structured internships.Through this school I immersed myself in the world of innovation and new markets, learning to project my views towards a future that will see the birth of more and more professional figures specialized in new technologies. Thanks to the web of good relations created, to date I work with companies in which I was a trainee and with the school staff, in the pursuit of my ambitious projects.

since 2011

Web design & development.

I quickly became passionate about the world of the web and everything related to it, fascinated me the concept of a space and accessible to everyone to spread ideas or information. Since I was a child I fell in love with computers and computer science, and it was not difficult to focus my curiosity on such an interesting concept: from 2015 I started a web design activity in close contact with companies in which I had integrated thanks to the school-work program.

Google digital garage

on 2017

Web marketing, SEO, SEM, web comunication.

I decide to refine my knowledge of developing an autonomous professional figure, able to offer companies a 360 ° communication package. My period of training begins and the idea of ​​starting my own business is born. For several months I immerse myself in reading books and manuals on web marketing and content optimization for search engines; I attend different courses and realize various skills that enrich my professional profile.

studio samo
on 2017

Social media management.

Development of a concrete attention towards the figure of SMM and the importance of social networks in the commercial communication market. Thanks to the Socials it was even possible to win a presidential election. It is an instrument with a great potential.So I decided to inform myself and train myself, arriving (also thanks to different experiences in the field) to realize the figure of the SMM.


What I have been doing.

Photò brescia • february 2013

The first work experience ever, which took place in February, during which I was able to interface with the world of photography.I was taught how the camera works and the fundamental parts that compose it, I studied the theory of colors, the layout, the laws and the parameters that are hidden behind a shot.


agazzi pubblicità • february 2014

The eclecticism of Agazzi's company allowed me to develop a certain mental (and physical) elasticity.Having to make up for the fact that I needed a lot of manual work and, sometimes, of strength, I found myself facing a pleasant and tiring experience. On some occasions I have had to "modernize" the logo of the activity, but the times when a helper was needed to apply window stickers, to mount signs and to make luminous signs were more frequent.


cometa adv • from november 2015 to january 2016

Following the internship experience, done through the school, at the advertising agency Cometa Adv, by Pennacchietti Andrea, a certain spirit of collaboration was created: in the staff of the agency a web developer was missing, and the opportunity it has flourished in a mutual growth, which has continued even after the end of the internship.


tuttotek • from august 2016 to august 2017

For one year I wrote articles for a computer and technology dissemination blog, especially for the videogame industry.


infinitel • FROM OCTOBER 2016 TO DECEMBER 2016

I worked at the TIM stand of the Le Porte Franche shopping center as an agent and promoter of offers. Experience has formed me in the field of commercial communication, as the work - being remunerated for commission - precluded an excellent ability and willingness to conclude many contracts.My role was to cover the stand, but many of the contracts I signed I made them "off-site", through a web of contacts that I created.


gamestop • from october 2016 to december 2016

The experience at the GameStop was the most intense and formative of that year: the employees of the famous chain of sales and withdrawal of video games and consoles have only one task: selling, selling, selling ... not limited to what the customer, but taking advantage of the offers in progress to propose an advantageous guarantee or loyalty card.This has made me develop a certain "elasticity" commercial: in any context that is created with the customer is always possible to take him to consider one or more purchases different from what he has in mind!


breathing agency • from november 2016 to december 2017

The employment was underwritten through a fixed-term contract lasting one month: during that period, the communication agency carried out a promotional campaign in the Brescia area aimed at promoting an offer of the A2A company.The task of my team was to "engage" the passers by informing them of the offer and directing them to the branches that guarded certain areas of the city, in order to get them to conclude the contracts.My role, in particular, was quite "borderline": I was often assigned the task of supporting the branch teams in order to conclude a greater number of contracts.


ok comunications • from january 2017 to decembrer 2017

From the early days of 2017, after a trial period and an apprenticeship contract that then became permanent contracts, I worked at the headquarters of a group of private televisions.This experience has shaped me, in an important way, in the field of computer science and multimedia as the work involved a not indifferent skill with the technical equipment, such as audio and video mixer, computer and video editing software or graphic realizations.The experience made me eclectic in several sectors, since the work also involved a not indifferent physical activity, as well as a mental one: it was necessary to assemble studios, rooms and sets.The experience of the television technician has certainly developed various skills, such as multitasking and manual skills with the various equipment. The bond with colleagues was extraordinarily productive and enjoyable: although I was the youngest, the team learned something from me as well as I learned something from them, the head technician in particular taught me a lot, because we both shared a passion for 'computer technology.


adv servizi • from january 2018 to august 2018

I cover the figure of the manager of the graphic department, in order to coordinate and manage the work of the agency, which deals with the design of material for municipalities and schools, ranging from maps to road education brochures.


advsolving • since january 2018

Overlooking, as always, the new markets, I deepen the figure of Social Media Manager: I realize that it is a profession in full bloom, considering the increasingly important and sometimes indispensable role of Social Networks in the communication of a company.I decide to open a VAT number and offer this type of services that fall in fact in the skills that, thanks to the help of several online courses, I absorbed.Complete the Social Media Management with the services of "classic" advertising graphics and the creation of websites and e-commerce, forging collaborations with various companies in the sector.


printidea24 • since january 2018

I work closely with an advertising company, as well as the production of promotional and exhibition material, which has incorporated my digital services into its offer packages.


google partners • since january 2019

I participate to the "Google Partners" project for the positioning of local activities on the search engine.

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Web design & dev

Graphic design


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My main brand. Born as a simple VAT number, it is now a digital agency that has nothing to envy to the big names in the industry, formed by a team of competent and capable young people.

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Modernizing the tools of companies, so that they manage the administration and internal accounting in complete autonomy through platforms and web applications built ad hoc.

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Placing local activities in the search engine is a profession, doing it effectively is a profession. This service represents the starting point for building an online identity.


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